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  • How To Use The Common Worship Lectionary

    The Common Worship lectionary is a guide to daily prayer and Bible reading for members of the Church of England. It provides a set of readings for each day of the year, organized into four main sections: the Psalms, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Gospels. By following the lectionary, you can engage in daily Bible reading and prayer that is structured and intentional, and that helps you deepen your relationship with God. To use the Common Worship lectionary for daily prayer, s

    Liturgy and Worship
    • Connection to others doing ministry & ministry support roles at all levels and contexts
    • Freedom to ask questions, share ideas, resources & support
    • Access to Support & Resources for all aspects of church life
    • Access to resources you can copy and paste, ready formatted downloads, graphics, forms and more
    • The complete Eve2 artwork library built up over 6 years of serving churches with design and print services
    • Templates for printed goods, forms, and creative or useful ideas for ministry
    • New resources being created all the time
    • Clubs: spaces where members can create their own specific area of interest and join with others in ministry who share those interests
    • Blogs: Individual spaces where you can write and share your own thoughts, creativity or journals about the things which interest you
    • WebLinks: The largest and most comprehensive list of all the useful Christian ministry related sites
    • Social Media posts and calendars ready to be used by you
    • Guides, How-to's, Courses and more
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  • Join the movement that's revolutionizing the way church workers collaborate, find answers to everyday questions and resources for everyday tasks. Say goodbye to endless hours of reinventing the wheel and hello to a supportive community. With TheVestry.net, you have access to a wealth of resources, ideas, tips, and answers, all at your fingertips. Together we work smarter, not harder, and help each other succeed in our work for the Kingdom.

  • We also have a Discord server setup for faster flowing chat and community. Feel free to join in with the conversation there...

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