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  • Welcome to TheVestry
    This site is intended to complement all the other resource sites, support groups, and training options online today. The trouble is they are here there and everywhere and hard to find. TheVestry is your one stop shop combining vibrant community discussions around every area of church life and ministry, alongside fresh resources being created almost daily and our own curated list of the very best resources you can find around the internet to support you in the work you do building God's kingdom. 

    How do you access TheVestry? 
    Step 1: Create a free account. 
    Step 2: Sign up for a subscription (this supports the work of TheVestry and helps us grow so we can support you)
    Step 3: Dive in and become a part of the community - post, post, post.
    Step 4: Hunt through the resources already here, make use of them, save time in your busy week.
    Step 5: Use the forum area to request resources you can't yet find and let us make them or find them for you.

    • Connection to others doing ministry & ministry support roles at all levels and contexts
    • Freedom to ask questions, share ideas, resources & support
    • Access to Support & Resources for all aspects of church life
    • Access to resources you can copy and paste, ready formatted downloads, graphics, forms and more
    • The complete Eve2 artwork library built up over 6 years of serving churches with design and print services
    • Templates for printed goods, forms, and creative or useful ideas for ministry
    • New resources being created all the time
    • Clubs: spaces where members can create their own specific area of interest and join with others in ministry who share those interests
    • Blogs: Individual spaces where you can write and share your own thoughts, creativity or journals about the things which interest you
    • WebLinks: The largest and most comprehensive list of all the useful Christian ministry related sites
    • Social Media posts and calendars ready to be used by you
    • Guides, How-to's, Courses and more
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