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  • Baptism Application Form (CofE)

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    For Anglicans the ministry of baptism can be busy, challenging and rewarding. Since time immemorial there has been the classic baptism application form available from your friendly book seller. Now we have pleasure in releasing this baptism form with two sides and plenty of extra information to help guide and reach out to prospective families. 

    You can either download the PDF as is, or you can edit it in Canva using the template link. Please note: The design is purposefully in greyscale so it is cheap and easy to print out on your church copier or inkjet printer. Note also there is a space left to the top right of the form for you to place your own logo if you want to. 

    Remember, you don't need to use the 3rd page of notes. We have put a much briefer summary at the bottom of page 1 in case you feel page 3 is a little too much for your ministry or context. Any parts you aren't sure of, or just don't like or need, simply edit them in Canva and make your own version. design-on-canva-button.png

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