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  • Evan

    The Hill, The Tomb and The Way

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    This is a design we've created for an Easter weekend of services and vigils themed around Jesus' journey and the journey we are called to follow him on. 

    From Good Friday "The Hill" - and Jesus' journey to Calvary, to "The Tomb" of Holy Saturday and finally the meeting of Jesus on the way to Emmaus and our call to follow Him on "The Way". 

    The icons are stylised to be simple and effective in remembering. The simplified triangle of the hill in the first icon, added to the circle of the stone around the tomb creates the final "play button" style icon for "The Way" encouraging use of a metaphor which speaks of The Sacrifice + The Victory = The Way we should follow. The play button also encourages a sense of "pressing play" or "getting going" or "activate" our journey in following Him.


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